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The ROCO Chapters bring together groups of volunteers dedicated to specific areas of interest, such as education, business, or arts & culture.

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The ROCO Clubs bring together people and volunteers that want to get involved with people with similar affinities, such as age group, location, language, or ethnicity.

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        📌 Young Families (kids 0-2)

        📌 Troublemakers (kids 2-7)

        📌 Middle Schoolers (kids 8-13) 

        📌 Teens and Youth (14-20)

        📌 Young Leadership (20-27)

        📌 College, Women, Professionals etc. 

Both Chapters and Clubs can organize events, and they can also run ongoing programsSometimes, programs and events are run at the intersection of chapters and clubs or between different chapters and/or clubs.


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