Fall is here, the school year is now in full swing, and, drum roll please… 🥁registration for the 2024 annual Math🦘Kangaroo competition has started🥁!

It seems like it was just a few days ago that we celebrated 🎉the success 🏆of one remarkable kid in our community - Marc Rus' outstanding accomplishment at the 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣Math🧮 Kangaroo 🦘 contest! 

Marc took the MK at ROCO and placed 3rd nationally and 2nd in the state at the 5th-grade level.

What better day to hand Marc his certificates, ribbon, medal 🏅, and prizes 🏆than the Child's International Day festival where he could be celebrated by our Romanian community? We didn’t want to interrupt too much of Marc's fun, but here is an excerpt of our conversation with him while he took a break from the game he was playing with friends.


ROCO Edu (R): First of all, congratulations!

Marc (M): Thank you

R: You have your certificates here for 2nd place in State and 3rd place Nationwide. We want to ask you, when you found out, how did you feel? Did you think you did as well as you did?

M: No! (laughing)

R: How did you feel while you were taking the test? Did you think it was hard?

M: Yeah, it was hard…

R: Did you prepare a lot for it? Were you working on the problems?

M: Only a bit, just a little bit.

R: So it was a surprise then.

M: Yea, kind of...

R: Good for you, congratulations! That's really cool!

M: Thank you.

R: I think we have a ribbon for you here - the 2nd place for the State level ribbon and then a Medal.


We are so proud and happy to celebrate you and your accomplishments!

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