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Join a community of young visionaries committed to personal growth and community transformation! Our clubs, designed for pre-teens and teens, offer a platform for developing critical life skills through collaborative projects, leadership training, and civic engagement. Explore how we make a difference and how you can be a part of it!



Our Story

Founded in partnership with New Horizons Foundation in Romania, IMPACT Clubs at ROCO empower young people to become responsible changing agents in today's society. Our mission is to nurture competent, caring leaders who are equipped to contribute positively to their communities and the world. Learn more about Impact Club's history, achievements, and global development HERE.

ROCO Chicago plays a pivotal role in bringing the IMPACT initiative to our community, providing resources, support, and a network that enhances our program’s reach and effectiveness. Discover more about ROCO Chicago Programs and our collaborative efforts to shape tomorrow’s leaders.


Our Programs

IMPACT Club for Pre-Teens (9+)
Aimed at younger learners, this program focuses on exploring personal interests, developing fundamental social skills, and understanding community service. Activities are tailored to inspire curiosity and encourage active participation in local issues.

IMPACT Club for Teens (13+)
Designed for older teens, this program delves deeper into advanced leadership skills, problem-solving, and project management. Teens engage in more complex community service projects and develop plans for social enterprises that benefit their locations.



Weekly Meetings
Our clubs meet weekly for two hours, where participants engage in:

  • Fun: Interactive games and dynamic exercises that foster teamwork and leadership.
  • Story: Creative explorations of various themes that encourage critical thinking and discussion.
  • Service Learning: Practical project work that applies learned skills to real community needs.

Community Projects
From environmental conservation to social welfare initiatives, our projects aim to leave a lasting impact. See the difference we’re making through our dedicated project gallery and upcoming events.


Join Us

Become an Impact Club Member
Ready to take action? Join one of our clubs today and start making a difference. Fill out our online application form to get started.

Volunteer With Us
Passionate about youth development and community service? We need enthusiastic volunteers to lead and mentor our club members. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and how to apply HERE.



Educational Materials
Access a wealth of resources designed to support both our members and leaders. From training manuals to project templates, everything you need to lead a successful club meeting can be found soon HERE- this section is under development.


News & Events

Latest Updates
Stay informed with the latest news from IMPACT Clubs at ROCO. Check out highlights from recent activities, insights into ongoing projects, and announcements of upcoming events.


Contact Us

Get in Touch
Have questions or need assistance? Contact our team at [email protected]. You can also reach out through our social media platforms linked below.


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Support Our Mission
Every contribution helps us expand our programs and reach more young people. Learn how you can become a member or make a donation today and help us continue to provide invaluable community services.



From Our Members
Hear directly from our members about their experiences and achievements in the IMPACT Clubs. Gain insights into the personal growth and community changes they are spearheading.

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Oana Dobrean-Urzica


Oana is the Executive Director of ROCO. Prior to this role, she was one of the most active volunteers. She believes in the strength of our community, in doing good things, and in leaving something worthwhile behind.

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