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Steps to organizing a ROCO event

  1. Check the ROCO Calendar for any potential conflicts
  2. Reserve your room: reserve ROCO (google form/72h)
  3. Confirm approval with ROCO Staff
  4. Each event must be assigned a ROCO Event Sponsor (a delegated volunteer)

External Events

  👉 Sign and email ROCO Rental Agreement to [email protected]

Internal events

If you are a ROCO volunteer/event organizer, for all internal ROCO events:

  👉 Follow our ROCO Event Organizing Template.

External events: We recommend reading the above document; you may find it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The volunteer one-time event organizer is a non-professional volunteer who signs up to organize an Event at ROCO.

    Generally speaking, as a one-time event organizer, you will be responsible for planning, organizing, and managing the event & working closely with our team and any outside organizers/clients/vendors to create a memorable experience tailored to their needs and preferences.

    You will be the main contact point for this event. Your main tasks and responsibilities include:

    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Time & Deadline Management
    • Content Creator (with our team)

       👉 Learn more: Download PDF

  • When you are invited to be a ROCO event host, you might ask yourself: what are my responsibilities?

    Thank you for considering this position and volunteering to help out with organizing a community event. An event host helps out with:

    • Providing input and defining the structure and format of the event
    • Building the list of invites
    • Providing contact information when necessary (for guests)
    • Connecting with a small subset of guests for inviting them and providing information about the event

    An event host is recognized by being listed on the event webpage (if desired) and being mentioned during the event.

  • So you want to organize an event at ROCO: congratulations! and WELCOME on Board! It is a pleasure to have you with us.

    If you simply have a suggestion, you can file it here:

       👉 Suggest (organize) an Event 📌

    If you already know the details of the event (organizer, date, title, etc.), please file it here:

     👉 Reserve ROCO (request a room) ✅


    If you are NOT a ROCO member, we would love for you to join us: Become a Member.

    If you are already a member of ROCO and if this is a ROCO event, we recommend you start by reading our Event Organizers Guidelines SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in the SOPs section on our website.

    If this is an outside event, we recommend that you connect directly with our Administrative Team to learn more.

  • Check our ROCO Inventory page and all the photos of the ROCO inventory.

  • There are multiple types of room setups at ROCO

    In order to determine the maximum number of people that works for your event, please view our Room Setups

  • The maximum capacity at ROCO is 99 (also, the maximum number of chairs that can fit in the main room is about 99).

    However, there are multiple types of room setups at ROCO. In order to determine the maximum number of people that works for your event, please view our Room Setups

  • Thank you for organizing an event at ROCO. Please take a couple of minutes to help us improve:

    Feedback Form

  • As an event organizer, there are multiple types of expenses you may incur in your volunteering activity for ROCO. We understand it.

    Purchase Types:

    • Small consumables
      • Anything less than $25. These do not require any sort of approval. You will be reimbursed for your expenses at your request.
    • Everything else
      • Any decoration/design, collectibles, or utility items must be approved.

    As it stands, we need to approve any piece of equipment (any non-consumables) that are bought for ROCO. Yes, even if you're spending your own money :)

    Please keep in mind that we already have a lot of equipment, and we must be aware of storage and design requirements, and we may already have the piece of equipment you need.

    Ready to make a purchase?

    Open a Purchase Request

  • If you've made a purchase for ROCO, and assuming your purchased was approved (after you opened a purchase request) you can get reimbursed.

    File Reimbursement Request

  • Our Standard Operating Procedures can be found online on our SOPs Page, and in print at the center.

Presenters FAQ

  • Our recommendation is to bring a "Google Slides" presentation (NOT PowerPoint)

    If you REQUIRE PowerPoint, then you should bring your own computer. Ideally, a MAC (which can be connected wirelessly via AirPlay). Alternatively, a Windows Computer with HDMI output.

  • We do not recommend bringing your own laptop. Instead, what we recommend is that you setup your presentation/slides/documents using Google Slides, Google Drive, etc.

    ROCO provides high-quality Mac and Windows laptops, that can be connected to our network.

    NOTE: we do not support PowerPoint

    Should you require PowerPoint (assuming you cannot use Google Slides, etc.), we do recommend that you do bring your own laptop. In that case, what we provide in terms of connectivity is an HDMI cable. Please note that, in case you use a Windows computer AND you need sound output on the BigWallTV you must be able to control distinct video and sound outputs on your laptop, since our HDMI cable is VIDEO-only.

    Alternatively, you can project on our projector, via HDMI: the projector provides both video and sound output.

  • You can easily present a Youtube video from/on any one of our devices, including our BigWall TV. Every one of our devices is connected either directly to youtube or to an Apple TV.

    Note: we do provide access to a commercial-free Youtube account.

    Learn more about streaming to our devices: visit our Standard Operating Procedures.

  • You can directly stream from your Apple device directly to one of our Apple TV-enabled TVs (including our BigWall TV).

    If you have a Windows device, you have two options:

    • if your device has an HDMI output, you can stream via HDMI to every one of our devices, or
    • you will have to transfer your file(s) to one of our Apple devices and stream to Apple TV via AirPlay

    Learn more about streaming to our devices: visit our Standard Operating Procedures.

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