ROCO is the Romanian Community Center of Chicago

The Center is administered by a newly formed nonprofit (January 2023) called the Romanian Community Foundation of Chicago. As of 2024, we are in the process of forming the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

ROCO is an OPEN Community Center

As a non-politically or religiously affiliated center, we are happy to host any events relevant to our community, including any religious and political events, from all sides, non-discriminating.

ROCO is open for business

We are inviting the community to organize events and to participate as much as possible. We are here to support everyone's efforts and to contribute to a more harmonious, united, and prosperous community.


Be the change

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" is a quote often attributed* to Mahatma Gandhi.

The ROCO team is here to help the community self-organize and to offer a space for the community to express itself artistically, academically, in business, and through arts and culture.

There should not be an expectation that ROCO organizes events. Our team is here to help the community, and we will support it in every initiative, but we are not here to organize events and programs for the community. Therefore, if you want to see something happen, make it happen or join our community by signing up for a chapter or club.



ROCO is organized into chapters and clubs. The ROCO Chapters are permanent. They bring together groups of volunteers and community leaders dedicated to specific areas of interest, such as Education, Business, or Arts & CultureThe ROCO Clubs unite volunteers with similar interests and activities (such as running, dancing, or book reading). Both chapters and clubs can have their own programs and events. Learn more on our Chapters and Clubs page.

ROCO Chicago


ROCO Chicago, the Romanian Community Center, is a modern center dedicated to engaging and supporting our community and accelerating Romanian businesses in Chicago. ROCO has minimal staff and works with hundreds of volunteers.

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