Laurentiu Murg

Principal, Logos Christian Academy
Laurentiu graduated from the Bucharest Military Technical Academy and Northeastern Illinois University. He is also a City Colleges' adjunct professor for Math and Physics.

Principal, Logos Christian Academy

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a greater need for Christian private school. The humanists have a deliberate, deceptive agenda designed to capture the minds of our children and instill in them a philosophy that is anti-Christian in nature.

The pulpit for the propagation of this New Age Philosophy is the public school classroom, where the “outcome-based education”, “multiculturalism and gender tolerance”, “global citizenship”, and “New World Order” are being increasingly stressed. Children are told that right and wrong are mere personal preferences. They are given explicit sexual education, homosexual advocacy disguised as “tolerance”, condom handouts, and in some states, even abortion referrals. It is imperative that Christian parents take a serious look at what is happening in their public school classrooms. We must then honestly seek God’s will for our children in terms of proper school environment. This environment must be one that will not contradict but will implement the values and standards of the home and church.

Mr. Larry Murg, LCA’s Principal, was born in Romania, grew up in Bucharest and attended the oldest high school in Bucharest, Colegiul Național Sf. Sava class of 1984. He was classmates with Mrs. Cristina Murg whom he married in 1985. Mr. Larry graduated from the Bucharest Military Technical Academy with an MS in electronics/radio/radar degree. In 1991 he came to the US, where he met the Lord and became a believer. Both Mr. Larry and Mrs. Cristina were baptized in September of 1991. In 1994 he became the Principal of Logos Christian Academy. Mr. Larry attended Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago, IL), obtaining a MS in Applied Math. He also received certification from the Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP) in Dallas, TX. In addition to being LCA‘s principal, Mr. Larry is teaching Math and Physics.

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