When January 28, 2024 at 4:00pm CST
Contact Sorina Tira 773-351-2486

Join us this Sunday for a meet and greet event with your Diaspora Representative in the Romanian Parliament, Simina Tulbure.


This gathering is a unique opportunity for the Romanian community to connect, share experiences, and discuss the needs of our community.



About Simina Tulbure

Simina Tulbure is a distinguished Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, playing a pivotal role in Romania's efforts to join the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Her work in the Parliament’s special joint committee dedicated to this cause exemplifies her commitment to national progress. Remarkably, she is Romania’s first female MP representing the 5 million strong diaspora and currently serves as a Vice-President of the centrist REPER party.

In her legislative role, Simina has been instrumental in initiating laws focused on combating human trafficking, addressing Diaspora affairs, implementing e-identity cards, and ensuring the provision of safe abortion procedures. Her career before joining the Parliament includes significant positions at the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank.

Educationally, Simina holds an MA in English Language and Literature and a BA in English Language from the University of Essex, UK. Her affinity for the English-speaking world continues to be a part of her current parliamentary activities, where she chairs the Romania - UK parliamentary friendship group. Her extensive experience and dedication make her a valuable voice for the Romanian diaspora and an influential figure in international relations.


Simina Tulbure, Diaspora Representative

Event Details

Engage in a lively discussion and share your thoughts with your representative, Simina Tulbure. Gain insights from Simina's experience and her role as a diaspora reprezentative. Mingle with fellow community members.

Event Highlights

  1. Education Inclusion and Ethics: Discover Simina's vision for more inclusive education systems and her stance on ethical governance.

  2. European Citizenship Education: Learn about her efforts in promoting European citizenship education, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among the youth of Romania.

  3. Legislative Efforts Against Human Trafficking: Gain insights into her initiatives to combat human trafficking, a critical issue affecting not just Romania but the global community.

  4. Diaspora Affairs: Understand the challenges and opportunities within the Romanian diaspora, and Simina’s efforts to strengthen connections and support.

  5. E-identity Cards Implementation: Explore the advancements and implications of introducing e-identity cards, a step towards modernizing governance and enhancing security.

  6. Decriminalization of Cannabis Possession for Personal Use: Participate in a discussion about the legislative efforts and viewpoints regarding the decriminalization of cannabis possession for personal use.

This event is more than just a meet and greet; it's a platform to strengthen the bond between the Romanian diaspora in Chicago and its dedicated representative. Don't miss this unique chance to connect with Simina Tulbure, understand her impactful work, and contribute your voice to these vital discussions.


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