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What is ROCO

ROCO is a modern Romanian Community Center in the heart of Chicago. ROCO’s mission is to unite, strengthen, and promote the success of our community.

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What Makes ROCO Special

ROCO is more than just a community center; it's a place where ideas flourish, friendships form, and lives are transformed. Here's what sets us apart:

Inclusivity: ROCO welcomes everyone, regardless of their background, nationality, or ethnicity. Our community is open to all who share our values and mission.

Service: We believe in the power of service to create a better world. ROCO provides numerous opportunities for you to give back to the community.

Networking: ROCO connects you with like-minded individuals, professionals, and organizations. It's a hub for collaboration and growth.

Fun: We value enjoyment and creativity. ROCO hosts a variety of cultural and social events to ensure everyone has a great time.

How ROCO Works

ROCO Chicago offers a space for the community to express itself artistically, academically, in business, and through arts and culture. We are a modern center dedicated to engaging and supporting our community and accelerating Romanian businesses in Chicago. ROCO has minimal staff and works with hundreds of volunteers.

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Chicago Community Summit

The Summit is an event that aims to bring together leaders and members of the Romanian community to discuss and address important topics related to building a stronger and more vibrant community. The summit covers a range of best practices for creating sustainable Romanian communities, as well as the importance of government relations in community building

ROCO History

Discussions about ROCO started in March 2020. After several community meetings involving most nonprofit and community leaders and other stakeholders, fundraising was launched on Sept 1st, 2021, and ended 90 days later, after 300 people said "I'm IN!" and started donating their monthly membership. Construction started on Jan 1st, 2021 and ended March 31st the same year. The first event, a book signing, organized by ROCO EDU, took place on April 8th. In the first year of operations, 62 events took place at ROCO, and several hundreds of Romanian language and other classes, almost every day of the week, including Saturdays. The Romanian Community Foundation of Chicago was registered in March of 

Find Your Fit

The ROCO Chapters bring together groups of volunteers dedicated to specific areas of interest, such as education, business, or arts & culture.

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The ROCO Clubs bring together people and volunteers that want to get involved with people with similar affinities, such as age group, location, language, or ethnicity.

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        📌 Young Families (kids 0-2)

        📌 Troublemakers (kids 2-7)

        📌 Middle Schoolers (kids 8-13) 

        📌 Teens and Youth (14-20)

        📌 Young Leadership (20-27)

        📌 College, Women, Professionals etc. 

Both Chapters and Clubs can organize events, and they can also run ongoing programsSometimes, programs and events are run at the intersection of chapters and clubs or between different chapters and/or clubs.

Our Campaign

   🎯 We raised $300,000 from generous sponsors and donors, and grants

   🎯 We also applied for cofinancing & grants for 3 projects from DRP

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ROCO Chicago


ROCO Chicago, the Romanian Community Center, is a modern center dedicated to engaging and supporting our community and accelerating Romanian businesses in Chicago. ROCO has minimal staff and works with hundreds of volunteers.

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