ROCO Business Club

Elevate Your Business with the Romanian Community


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Why Join ROCO Biz?

ROCO Biz provides an unparalleled platform tailored specifically for the dynamic business landscape of the Romanian community in Chicago.

Discover the unique advantages:


1. Premier Online Marketing

- Website Features: Prominent promotion of your business on the ROCO website.
- Blue Verification Badge: Stand out in our directory with a trusted badge signaling your validated association with ROCO Biz.


2. Connect with a Broad Audience

- Annual Email Promotion: Exposure to a vast audience with a promotional feature to our 2,000+ email database.
- Member Families: Direct reach to nearly 500 member families, establishing a strong local clientele base.


3. Future Directory Perks

- Premiere Access: Be among the first to list on our upcoming specialized directory website.
- Verified Listings: Benefit from enhanced trust with verified listings on our directory.


4. Monthly Spotlights

- Open House Events: Featured exposure during our monthly "Open House" showcasing the best in Romanian businesses.


5. Exclusive Campaigns

- #buyromanian Campaign: Join a dedicated movement to uplift and promote Romanian businesses in the community.


6. Engaging Events & Offers

- Romanian Community Summit: Exclusive feature and discounted participation, a platform to discuss, innovate, and collaborate.
- Chicago Romanian Community Business Fair: Secure a discounted early-bird invitation to next year's most awaited business gathering.
- High-Profile Networking & Cultural Events: Avail of exclusive invitations at discounted rates, and immerse in a blend of business and cultural enrichment.

Join ROCO Biz and Boost Your Business Presence. 
With our rich array of services and a dedicated focus on the Romanian business community in Chicago, ROCO Biz offers unmatched value. Become a part of our growing network today!

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