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Not too long ago, we made a commitment to support the creation of the Romanian Community Center in Chicago (RoCo). Since then hundreds of Romanians have expressed their support by saying “I’m in!” and registering their interest and support on our website.

Chicago is the home of the largest community of Romanians in the United States so there is no surprise that the Romanian United Fund (RUF) was born here. Throughout the United States and around the world, Romanians have always found a way of connecting and organically building a sense of home: through film festivals and concerts, art and folk exhibits, educational programs, events around traditional foods and drinks, their faith, etc. RUF is proud to support the Romanian Community Center in Chicago in consolidating and expanding on the wonderful work our community members have already carried out. RoCo was envisioned as a community center FOR the community and BY the community, always dynamic and flexible in nature and responding to the needs of the community members engaged in its activities. This supportive hub of knowledge can connect incoming community members with experienced ones, new and old generations, it can help businesses start and thrive, it can offer networking events to showcase the talents in our community and strategize for building together and better for the future. This is only the beginning! Tell us how you want RoCo and RUF to support your vision of a positive and strong Romanian community.

Say I’m in! We’re always ambitious and our aim is to have 1000 community members pledge their support by the end of this year. We know we can do it because this is your center, our center, and the center where future generations of Romanian Americans can shape and innovate what’s to come.

We’re always only a quick Google search away but to stay updated with our work or to get involved you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can join our WhatsApp groups, sign up for various initiatives on our website, and/or add RUF to your Amazon Smile account. We cannot wait to share what we are currently building in Chicago in partnership with RoCo and our vision of what can become reality for more communities of Romanians around the world.
Connect! Inspire! Belong!