Alexandru Duta

Honorary Member 
Founder & CEO, Albiware
Mihai Lehene

Founding Angel 
Board of Directors 
Founder of RUF. President of FORA.
Founder  Volunteer (full)  Teacher 
Mihai is the Owner of MDL Investments, a real-estate and VC family-office with a focus on emerging technologies, including fintech, biotech and crypto. In 2020 Mihai resigned his business roles to run RUF, and in 2022 he was elected as President of FORA.
Cristian Luput

Founding Angel 
Board of Directors 
Founder & CEO, Optimus Realty
The founder and CEO of Optimus Realty Inc, Cristian strongly believes in the power of charity to improve people's lives and change the mentalities and hopes of the less fortunate ones. Cristian is acting Treasurer of RUF.
Sotiris Pagdadis

President, Keiretsu Forum Midwest
Sotiris is a strategist, problem solver, and entrepreneurial investor. He has an extensive track record in establishing public-private partnerships and supporting private ventures, the public sector, and not-for-profits over the last 25 years. He is the p
Vlad Sarca

[email protected] Capital | Serial entrepreneur
Vlad is a partner in Sparking Capital, the first VC fund registered in Romania. Before becoming an investor, he made 2 exits from his previous businesses and he expanded one of his companies in over 10 European countries and the Middle East.
Denis Tudor

CEO and Co-founder, Swisspod Technologies
Denis is a multiple award-winner of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. He graduated his PhD on “Optimal Design Operation Strategies of a Hyperloop Transportation System“ at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.