1. Community Panel

    • Building a Stronger Community: Best practices for creating vibrant and sustainable Romanian communities. Discussions dedicated to preserving and promoting Romanian culture, including language, music, dance, and traditions

    • Government Relations: the importance of building stronger relationships between the Romanian community and city officials and how Romanians can help create a more vibrant and inclusive city
    • City of Chicago Programs: navigating grants, loans, and other types of financial support from the City of Chicago, including grants for elderly care, grants for modernizing commercial spaces, and for nonprofits

  2. Education Panel

    • Investing in Our Future: discuss opportunities for Romanian students and young professionals to connect and learn from each other
      Learn about the most prestigious Award for Education in the Romanian American Community, about RUF's Center for Excellence and Leadership, and about renewed efforts to create mentoring opportunities for your entrepreneurs.

    • Health, Wellness, and Social Action: discussions focused on promoting healthy lifestyles and well-being for the Romanian Community and on ways to get involved and make a positive impact in the Romanian community and beyond.

    • Inter-confessional Dialogue: learn about how religious leaders get involved and make a positive impact in the Romanian community and beyond.

    • Promoting the Romanian Language: various efforts in the community to promote and teach Romanian to children and young adults.
      Learn about ROCO's Romanian Language School and about RUF's participation in drafting the latest Education Law in Romania.
  3. Business Panel

    • Networking for Success: investor & professional networks and other opportunities for collaboration within the Romanian community; how can the local business community support and benefit from Romanian businesses expanding to the United States.

    • Embracing Innovation: exploring new technologies, entrepreneurship, innovation, and how the community can support young entrepreneurs and new business ventures.

    • Financial Empowerment: how do we increase access to funding for Romanian businesses, including through community-wide banking, insurance & grants.

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