When August 10, 2023 at 4:00pm CDT
Contact Mihai Lehene [email protected] 7732898696

ROCO Teens Campfire Evening 🔥 & Overnight Camping ⛺

What's going on

This event is an opportunity to meet Romanian American high schoolers from the Chicago area, and build on the ROCO Teens group.

  • Campfire and Tents
  • Board games and Fun
  • Music & Storytelling
  • Pizzas & Marshmallows

Attention RSVP: Signup using the teenagers's email and full name. Signing up with the parent's email will mess things up.

Who's invited

The focus is on bringing high school kids together and bringing them together under ROCO Teens.

ROCO Teens & any Romanian American high school children 14+. Siblings 12+ are also welcome.

Chaperones and oversight

Any parent that wishes to stay with us is welcome. Anyone who can volunteer to drop off/pick up, or help with anything else is more than welcome.

At least 2 adults will be overseeing at all times (Mihai Lehene + volunteer).


737 Becker is a lot by the forest preserve in Glenview, IL. It's fairly large, and our neighbors are relatively far. This is still in the village, so we will need to stay relatively quiet. Please instruct the kids to follow instructions.

Dropoff and Pickup

Kids can be dropped off between 3 and 5 PM Thursday, August 10.

You can pick them up at midnight or leave them overnight if they want to camp.

Second-day pickup is 10-12. Please feel free to group kids together at pickup, but let us know if someone else is picking up your kid.


Tents: Camping tents are not provided (although we do have a few extras). If you have a tent at home, bring it. Otherwise, don't worry, we'll make sure your child has a place to sleep.

Sleeping: Kids will sleep girls with girls, and boys with boys. If any other arrangement is preferred, all the parents need to agree & communicate it to Mihai Lehene via WhatsApp.


Please chip in $25 for food. We will provide water, no snacks. Please feel free to bring your marshmallows or some other favorite snack or dish.

What we provide

Water, tables, firepit & firewood

What you need to bring

  • A blanket and/or chair
  • Sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, and a pillow (if your kid sleeps overnight)
  • Snacks
  • Favorite Games
  • Headlight and/or flashlight
  • Pijamas and/or clothes to change for the next morning
  • Long sleeve pants and jacket
  • Insects spray and sun lotion (for the second day)


  • Volunteers are especially needed for the second morning - you're welcome to arrive as early as you wish

Pickup Time

  • Pickup time is midnight (for anyone who does not want to sleep over), or
  • 12 PM the next day

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