When October 30, 2022 at 12:00pm CDT 8 hrs
Contact Onița Cîrcu [email protected] 773-517-1034


We are 👻 frightened 😱 to announce our next event Six Flags Fright Fest Trip organized by ROCO Youth for kids 13+ on Sunday, October 30th beginning at 12 pm.

The kids will experience a 👻 spooky 😱 day with the ROCO Youth gang!

All the additional details about the event (meeting place and at Six Flags, pick-up time, etc) will be emailed to you as soon as you sign up.

In case you have more than one child interested, please make sure you sign each one up separately using their own names and emails


Date & Times

  • Sunday, Oct 30
  • Drop-off and schedule - will be provided by email as soon as you sign up

Tickets & Passes

  • Purchase your own ticket (link)
    • Recommendation:
      • buy a Yearly Pass for 365 days ($64.99)
      • Meal pass ($23.99/day)

Who is this for

  • Invited: RUF Youth/ROCO Teens & Guests (Romanian - American kid 13+)
    • sign-up for the event to receive a link to our parents' Whatsapp Group
    • sign-up for the event to receive a link to ROCO Teens Whatsapp Group 
  • Organized by: RUF Youth/ROCO Teens
    • ROCO Teens Leaders: Alexandra Lehene, Julia Varlam, Dan Haidau, Matei Busu, Nicholas Moigradan and Stefan Lehene.
  • Info for Parents

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