Choosing the Right Type of Event for You

External Events

External events are entirely organized by an outside entity (members and non-members), with very limited ROCO involvement.

Who can organize: Anyone can organize an external event.

Budget: ROCO does not usually provide a budget for external events. The event must be entirely self-financed.

Approval: Approval is done by the Executive Director**.

Contract: A reservation contract is required

Rental Fees: Charging for events: ROCO can decide to charge for space rental as it sees fit. Usually, if an event is deemed to be created for the benefit of the community (non-profit for the organizers), ROCO will not charge for space rental. However, cleaning and other expenses need to be covered by the organizers.

Marketing: As we have a vested interest in all events organized at ROCO to be successful, ROCO will generally publish and promote all events happening at ROCO. This includes promoting the event on our website, on Facebook, in our periodic emails, WhatsApp and text messaging lists, etc. However, ROCO makes no promises regarding the amount of marketing we will do for an external event.

ย ๐Ÿ‘‰ย Start organizing an external event: Reserve ROCO.

Internal Events

Internal events are events that ROCO decides to sponsor through one of the chapters. ROCO volunteers and team help out with the structuring and marketing of the eventย 

Who can organize: only ROCO members can organize internal events.

Budget: ROCO Chapter Leads will decide on the budget allocated to the event, if any.

Approval: The decision to sponsor the event comes from the Chapter itself (not the Executive Director)**.

Contract: A reservation contract is not required. Since a Chapter is sponsoring the event, a Chapter volunteer will be the responsible party.

Rental Fees: Charging for events: ROCO will generally not charge for community events, but may decide to charge for any events from which a profit is made, especially for business entities (usually not for nonprofit or community-oriented groups, like Cenaclu, Vox Maris, or other artistic initiatives).

Marketing: ROCO will make a significant effort to promote all internal events happening at ROCO. The amount of marketing will heavily depend on the perceived importance of the event to our community, the number of people attending and the number of other events around the same time.

The first step in organizing an internal ROCO event is to suggest the ROCO Chapter Leads pick up the event internally and help out with the organization of the event. It is the responsibility of the Chapter Lead to reply to the request within 2 to 5 business days. If a response is not received on time, please contact our Executive Director.

ย ๐Ÿ‘‰ย Start organizing an internal event: Ask/suggest ROCO to organize an event.ย 

* ROCO is an Open Community Center. As a non politically or religiously affiliate center, we are happy to host any events relevant to our community, including any religious and political events, from all sides, non-discriminating.

** Approval depends on many factors, including, but not limited to:

  • the timing of the event,
  • the availability of the space,
  • the ability to find a ROCO volunteer to host the event, etc.

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