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Forget anything you've heard about programming - this is the COOL class, the BEST class, the FUN class! It doesn't matter who you are or where you're joining us from, this class is AWESOME. This is a fast rhythm, learn as much as you can type of class, intensive but extremely enjoyable.

In this class, we're creating actual games. Games that you and I can play, games that could sell for $1 on the Apple Store (almost). Be careful parents, this is addictive. And one last word of advice: bring a friend in (preferably the same age), it's WAAAY more fun when you do it with your best buddies.

Class starts: Nov 25, 2020 (24 weeks)

Class type: Zoom

Class Teachers: Mihai Lehene & Eli Katz

Class modules:

  • Drawing (12 sessions)
  • Animation (12 sessions)
  • Game Building (4 sessions + 8 Q&A sessions)

Class of Sep 2020

27 children started our March 2020 Module. By the end of the first 12 lessons, there were all able to draw, and some were able to do basic animations.


After a little over two months, with just a little help, the kids were able to create their own little game. Play our game on Khan Academy, and keep an eye on our Youtube channel for the latest version.

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