When March 11, 2023 at 6:00pm CST 2 hrs
Contact ROCO Edu [email protected]

All official and unofficial math loversย (age 8-99) are invited to an oddย and prime evening (3_11_23 with a prime sum of digits, too). There will be laughter, math, pies, and fun - in random order - at ROCO.ย 

We'll most likely...

ย ๐›‘ crack (math) jokes

ย ๐›‘ eat pies

ย ๐›‘ compete on who can recite the biggest number of digits from memory

ย ๐›‘ eat more pies

ย ๐›‘ sweet & fun micro-practice session for the kids'ย Math Kangaroo competition

ย ๐›‘ get more serious by definingย  ๐›‘ asย 


ย ๐›‘ maybe even discuss the zeta-function or figure out how likely it is that two randomly chosen natural numbers are relatively prime

ย ๐›‘ discuss pie decoration methods or best recipes - click on the image below for a favorite:


Come join us! We'll have a good amount of fun together!

Parking is free and available.

Will you join us? Please RSVP