Let's get our own Street Soccer Court

Our Kids Deserve This


There are tens of thousands of 🇷🇴 Romanian children 🧒 in our community. Sign this petition created by ROCO Chicago to show your support for starting our own Romanian-owned Street Soccer Court.

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A street soccer pitch will provide more than a place for kids to play— it is a space for our community to come together. The pitch is durable and safe, ready to handle the toughest level of play. It is portable, easy to install and take off, versatile, and perfect for any location. On the pitch, kids build confidence, pride, health, and fitness while experiencing the pure joy of soccer.

👉 When we own our own court, we can:

  • place it and move it where our community needs it most
  • organize children (and adults) soccer events
  • share our court with other communities and organizations
  • brand it with our own colors and logos

This court will be acquired in partnership with, is supported by, and will be used by Catalin Serban and tens (or hundreds) of children training at iProSkills Academy 🏆

Started in Chicago, Mettle Sports is a nonprofit changing the face of US Soccer. Established by Neal Levin, Mettle Sports plans to install 2,000 high-quality street soccer courts all over the United States.

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👉 Sign our Petition! 

The regular cost of a pitch is $50,000

At the end of the summer, the last 13 pitches were offered at $30,000

Today, there is only one pitch left

We negotiated the price down to $28,000 and then again to $25,000

So far, Romanian United Fund and ROCO have secured financing for at least $15,000

We have the last court under contract and we need to close ASAP!

👉 The signatures will be used to determine the interest of our community in owning such a pitch, and where to place it.

👉 Upload a picture of you or your kids playing tennis to show your interest.

Just Started. Help us get to 100 signatures