When April 19, 2024 at 6:00pm CDT 3 hrs
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Join us for a three-day celebration of world music and culture!

Tickets include delicious finger foods and wines. 


Romanian Tango 


April 20th, 6-9 PM


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Opera for Kids 


Romanian Taditional Costumes

April 21st, 1-4 PM


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Timeless Vibes Festival

Our three-day event will feature performances by renowned artists and musicians, showcasing rich traditions and unique styles. A brief history of the art style will be presented by artists, thus enhancing the educational experience of the public. 


Program and Performers

Timeless Vibes - Friday
  • Ballads and Shanties (Tom Kastle)
  • Eminescu's Poetry and Music  (Catalin Nicolae - narrator, Catalin Lari - violin, Codrut Birsan - piano)
Timeless Vibes - Saturday
  • Flamenco (Nalanie Molina - dancer, Luis Beltran - dancer, Thomas Kimball - guitar)
  • Romanian Tango (Codrut Birsan - voice, Daniela Bisenius - violin, Dorel Orlando - accordion, Victor Gonzales - percussion, Gabriel Datcu - guitar, Mark Sonksen - double-base)
Timeless Vibes - Sunday
  • Opera for Kids - Three Little Pigs (Chicago Summer Opera) 
  • Pottery Exhibition
  • Romanian Traditional Costumes Exhibition



The event will be organized around a theme relevant to the form of art of each night and paired with delicious finger foods and wines. Our artists and performers will provide a brief history of each music style, enriching the audience's educational experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and elevate the status of Romanian Art and Style to the same level as the other music styles while educating and entertaining our audiences about each genre's history and cultural significance. This second annual event has developed into a key multicultural arts festival organized by ROCO.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of world art. Purchase your tickets now to secure your spot at the event!

Additional Information

Cocktail attire 

Doors open at 6 PM; the first performance is at 7 PM, and the second performance is at 8 PM.

Kids age 7+ welcomed, general admission.

Free Parking


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