When September 30, 2023 at 2:00pm CDT 3 hrs
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Ultimate Wellness Mind and Body Tune-up

Dr. Cristian Pavel, DDS, RYT 200

👉 Join Dr. Cristian Pavel for a transformative session on holistic wellness

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About This Event

Kickstart the event with a revitalizing power yoga class, followed by an enlightening presentation on research-proven practices and invaluable health advice. Discover the secrets to achieving an empowered mind, a strong and well-nourished body, and a purpose-driven soul. Seats are limited; secure your place timely. Tailored for participants aged 14+.


Speaker Bio: Dr. Cristian Pavel

Dr. Cristian Pavel, DDS, RYT 200, is a highly regarded dentist and a passionate advocate for holistic wellness based in Chicago, Illinois. Co-owner of the acclaimed Smile First Family Dental Studio, Dr. Pavel is renowned for his talent and compassion, consistently earning high praises from his patients for his understanding and excellent work. With his profound knowledge and experience, he aims to deepen your definition of success and well-being.

What's In It For You

  • Learn why wellness matters
  • Learn are the 4 pillars of Presence
  • Learn how to create "passive wealth in health"
  • Learn how to curate a sacred morning routine


"Presence is our most valuable currency, and it’s often consumed by distractions, stress, and overbearing negative emotions. This lecture is intended to inspire an empowered mind, a strong and well-nourished body, and a purpose driven soul. These are the things that most often get sacrificed in the pursuit of success, but ironically these are the things that make us most successful. My goal is to deepen your definition of success by providing insights and tools to inspire you to make changes that will have the greatest impact on our personal well-being." - Dr. Cristian Pavel, DDS, RYT 200

Dr. Pavel earned his DDS degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2014 and has been impacting lives through his practice and his annual Dental Aid Yoga Retreats in the Dominican Republic.

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Event Schedule

  • Arrival and Setup- 2-2:15
  • Yoga session- 2:15-3:15  Strength, Mobility and Breath Work
  • Lecture- 3:15- 4:30 Empowering Minds, Nourishing Bodies, and Igniting Purpose for Holistic Success
  • Mingle with your new friends: Relax and enjoy

Event Details

  • Bring your own yoga mat and water bottle* (we can also provide a mat for you)
  • Participation in the yoga session is optional
  • Sports Attire: breathable, fitted, stretchable for movement
  • Parking is free and available

ALL proceeds will be donated to ROCO Chicago

* Extra mats available 

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