FB fundraiser: raises money to rebuild the roof of Michael The Archangel Church in Gurasada, Hunedoara county, to preserve the endangered mural inside.

‘A handful of young people have proposed to save the monuments in Romania through volunteering. The medieval monument, the ′′Archangel Michael′′ church in Gurasada, Hunedoara County (XIII century) is among the oldest and most valuable Romanian monuments and is inscribed on the attempted list of world heritage from 2019, and putting it safely would increase the odds to be included in the definitive UNESCO heritage. The interior mural is one of the oldest paintings in Romania, but it is in great danger of degradation due to water infiltrations leaking through the damaged cover. The purpose of emergency intervention is to secure the roof by replacing shingles coverings, a special and expensive guy that would extend the life of the monument by 30-40 years awaiting a complete restoration. The intervention has an important educational purpose by sharing the ′′know-how′′ with volunteers and community and also spreading the model to other communities. The money will be used to buy materials, pay for craftsmen, accommodation and meals for volunteers.’

Raising money to map the traditional garb of Tara Fagarasului and Valcea counties