FB Fundraiser: raises money for heritage entrepreneurial projects led by kids in more than 30 communities from rural areas.

“We brag about the beauty of the Romanian countryside, but we forget that villages in the most attractive areas for tourists, with old fortresses, with protected natural parks, are depopulating because the locals no longer practice traditional economic activities and don't know (yet) how to replace them Children in such villages are encouraged and taught to leave the village for a better life. Their school doesn't prepare them for the development of their village or the city they would possibly end up in.

The New Horizons Foundation invites you to contribute to an educational program through which children and young people can learn that what they have in their village has immense value and that it can be used in the context of sustainable tourism (ecotourism) enjoying global growth again Romania is one of the few countries that still has traditional landscapes inhabited. It is a different school for rural students to fruit their passions for cultural or natural heritage in possible careers offered by ecotourism opportunities in Romania.

The goal of the campaign is to raise the necessary amounts to support 200 young people (13-19 years old) from 7 historical regions of Romania to learn to appreciate what they have at home, understand how they can value things that seem trivial to them and their they can put into practice project ideas through which they put their own community on the ecotourism map. In this ′′school′′ they learn by doing: Discover, Document and Share. Valorize and bring up to date and future activities and heritage that are endangered: the stays, the woven or built symbols, the forgotten places, the gastronomy of the place, the crafts. The amounts raised through this campaign will go entirely towards children's projects, in their communities.

*** The value of a youth project is approximately $250 and this year we want to support 40 youth projects from all over the country.“