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Prominent members of the Community and Community Leaders are invited to become members of the Chicago Community Council. If you wish to recommend someone to become part of the Council, please contact us directly. The Interim Council of the Romanian Community Center of Chicago (RoCo Council) is the equivalent of a Board of Directors. It is not an executive body, instead, it determines the broad direction of the Center, it discusses and approves its positioning (as branding and ideology), and in the future, it will nominate and approve the Director of the Center.

The Council may elect an Interim RoCo Board. Learn more about the Romanian Community Center - RoCo.

RoCo Council

Volunteer positions. Early adopters, artists and community leaders, supporters of the Center

  • Proposes new Council members
  • Organizes annual Board elections
  • Proposes the Director
  • Forms organizational Committees:
    • Community
    • Education
    • Ethnic and Language
    • Cultural
    • Business
    • Administrative
    • The Committees approve each respective Event/Program/Budget
  • Works hard to promote RoCo in our community
Mariana Berbecaru

Member of the RoCo Chicago Community Council, Ambassador of RoCo
Codrut Birsan

Founder: Chicago Summer Opera, Founder: Chicago Community Council, RCCC Ambassador
Romanian music will always remind us, Romanians, where we came from and who we are. That's why we need a Romanian Community Center of Chicago. That's why I am an Ambassador of the Romanian Community Center of Chicago. That's why "I'm in!"
Mihaela Campion

Founder, Psychotherapy and Transformational Movement and ARCHER
Mihaela is the founder of the Psychotherapy and Transformational Movement with over twenty-two years of clinical experience. She received an MA in Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, specializing in Counseling Psychology.
Alina Crisan Bretan

Member of the RoCo Chicago Community Council
Alina Cumpan

Founder: Authentic Society, Founding Member of RUF, Founder: Chicago Community Council, Volunteer, Honorary Member of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
Founding Member  Volunteer 
I believe in Unity, in long-lasting programs, and in open doors for the ones that are willing to build bridges to a beautiful tomorrow. Join us today!
Adrian Nechiti

Founder, Vox Maris Band
I always felt that something was missing in our Community, in Chicago, a central point of connection for our people. It was a dream "if somebody would open a Community Center for all of us, that would be nice ..."
Constantin Nicolae

Founder RoActTheatre, Founder Chicago Community Council, RCCC Ambassador
Art is the best way to preserve and promote our origins and traditions. We need a Community Center to keep us together. I believe in the power of culture and I’m sure this center will open many doors for our artists around Chicago. Proud to be part of thi
Dan Nicolae

Founding Angel 
Board of Directors 
Vice President of Romanian United Foundation
Dan Nicolae serves as the Faculty co-Director of the Data Science Institute and the Committee on Data Scienceat the University of Chicago and is a Professor in the Departments of Statistics, Human Genetics, and Medicine. His research interests are in the
Marian Petruta

Honorary Member 
Editor In Chief: Lumea Libera; Founder: Chicago Community Council; Honorary Member of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
De 15 ani activez in presa de limbă romană din Statele Unite, iar despre comunitatea românească din Chicago am scris și am promovat-o frecvent. Consider că este absolut necesar constituirea unui Centru Comunitar care să deservească românii din zonă.
Nicoleta Roman

Mezzo-Soprano, RUF Ambassador & VP of Donor Relations, RCCC Ambassador
Romanian-American Mezzo-Soprano Nicoleta Roman has been a prominent member of the Romanian community in Chicago for over 23 years. She is fond of her Romanian heritage, constantly promoting her values through her voice.
Gavril Rus

Founder, Chicago Community Council, Supporter of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center of Chicago
Marius Stan

Board of Directors 
Scientist, Author and Actor
Marius is internationally recognized as one of the founders of computer simulation of complex phenomena. He was Principal Investigator at the Argonne Laboratory and an Associate Professor at the Univ. of Chicago and Northwestern University.
Lavinia Tomescu

Ambassador of RoCo, Supporter of RoCo, Member of the RoCo Chicago Community Council

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